Catie & Ryan

This is the second of the three weddings that I shot while living on my friend's farm in the North Carolina mountains this summer. Catie and Ryan were married on August 1, 2009 at a mountain community in South Carolina. Some highlights: Catie found the perfect dress that was classic, elegant, and slightly quirky with it's polka dots (and had a wedding cake made to match), the little chapel where they were married was adorable and had a wonderful balcony section where I could use a long lens to get a good angle on the ceremony while simultaneously being unobtrusive, and lastly my favorite part of the day was the dancing. While I believe that most of the pictures really capture the couple's sense of tradition and elegance, as well as the sincerity of their love for one and other, I think that the end of the night dancing shots strike at something far deeper: a revelry in the kind of seriously dorky geek love that many of us have spent our lives longing for (if my husband is reading this, than don't worry darling I think that we have it too, we just arn't as good at expressing it on the dance floor). On the whole, I really enjoyed working on this wedding. Congratulations to Catie & Ryan!