Kim & Kieran, A London Wedding

I think I mentioned before that all of the lovely couples that I've worked with in the UK have been extra super wonderful. Kim and Kieran were no exception, and by extra wonderful I mean that I know things are going to go well when I meet a bride for the first time on her wedding day and she greets me with a kiss on the cheek. I've never met more joyful, fun, sincere people than Kim & Kieran, and their wedding was a blast. Don't you just adore Kim's butterfly patterned wedding dress? Don't you just love Kieran's facial expressions? Isn't Kim one of the prettiest brides you've ever seen? Arn't they adorable together? I know. I feel the same way. Shooting weddings in London is awesome because it means that you get to do things like bride and groom portraits at places like St. Paul's Cathedral, and maybe the rest of your shooting can be done in awesome venues like The Stationer's Company, where they've got the best natural light you've ever seen. I want to sincerely thank Kim and Kieran for being so incredibly kind to my foreign self on their wedding day, as well as Offbeat Bride for telling us about each other. It was magic. Congratulations to Kim & Kieran!