Kirsten & Derek: A Belfast Engagement

Hooray for Kirsten and Derek! They are so much fun, and so funny, and smart, and awesome! I hopped a ferry over to Belfast, to meet with them and do an engagement shoot. We took a wonder round to the club where they first met, then through to the botanical gardens and finally wound up at the Ulster museum, where they insisted on taking me inside and showing me an exhibit on "The Troubles". By this point I was swooning: I do love it when my couples are a tad on the nerdy side. I don't know what's up with the British Isles, and how it became so full of incredibly sweet wonderful people to work with. I shall be blogging some more awesome UK weddings in the coming week, and seriously each one was filled with friendly, laid back, and creative folks having a really awesome time. I'm so excited that this is going to be my life now. Thanks to Kirsten and Derek for showing me such a great time and for being so cute together, and above all: congratulations!!!!