Amanda & Andrew's Underwater Wedding Day Kiss

There are so many awesome things about Amanda & Andrew's wedding that I don't even know where to start. I guess what's most important is that they are really awesome people who are completely and utterly adorable together. I figured this out when I first met up with them for their engagement shoot, but their wedding truly confirms their adorableness. They found an awesome house on craigslist for their venue, and had a simple Sunday brunch wedding with their closest family and friends. Amanda was stunning in her wedding dress, her brother was the officiant, the ceremony was short, sweet, and joyful. Andrew made their wedding rings out of molds of their fingers: the outside of each ring is an exact contour of the other one's finger. Is this not the MOST romantic thing you have ever heard? But wait! It get's better: after the meal some of their friends met them down at Barton Springs, and so I was able to use an underwater film camrea. Be sure to check these pictures out at the end of the post.  Congratulations to Amanda & Andrew!