London Is For Laurens

I got to go to London for Emma & Micha's wedding. It was the first of many journeys across the UK that I have taken in the last month, and so while I was there I remember drinking in the feeling of being in an exciting place all by my self. I've written enough sappy posts about Aidan for everyone to feel secure in the fact that I adore him, so I'll go ahead and elaborate and tell you that sometimes there is nothing that I love more than just exploring a place on my own. The primary and obvious advantage is that it means that I can do whatever I want. It's kind of awesome. I can go to see photography exhibits, and to eat vegetarian food. I can pop into Anthropologie just for a browse, and if I really want to buy something there is no one making disapproving noises over my shoulder. When I'm tired, if I feel like it I can buy a heinously over priced ticket to go and see X-Men: First Class because sometimes it's good to reconnect with my movie star boyfriend. Street photography is also a little less awkward when I am on my own, and it is one of my favorite things to do. Here are my spoils.*

*This last picture was actually taken in Edinburgh after Aidan and I were joyfully reunited.