Thomas & Starla's Golden Soul Love Shakedown

Thomas and Starla were married on September 6, 2009 in Lawrence Kansas. There are oh so many special things about this wedding. First off, Starla looked absolutely regal, positively radiant in her golden wedding dress, which her grandmother made especially for the occasion. Their sister-in-law preformed a wonderfully unique ceremony wherein the bride and groom walked down the aisle together, sprinkled libations, gave flowers to their family in gratitude, and jumped a broom. As you can see, tears abounded (being the utterly un-sappy person that I am, even I had a little trouble holding my camera straight). After the ceremony there was a New Orleans style parade down to Liberty Hall, a historic movie and music venue where they had their reception. I am very pleased to present Thomas & Starla's Golden Soul Love Shakedown. Congratulations to Thomas and Starla! What a perfect day!