Devereaux and Justin

Devereaux and Justin were married at the Zilker Park Club House. You may remember them from their Town Lake engagement shoot at the beginning of the year. I'm kinda a little in love with this wedding for the following reasons. A) It was both classy and classic. Something about being around these two makes me feel like I'm not sure what decade I'm in, and it of course helped that Devereaux looks like a silent film starlet and wore an awesome vintage dress with a cape (!), and that Justin has a slightly twirly mustache that makes me feel like he's straight out of a 1920's bicycle advertisement. B) They had a wedding that was both a celebration of their relationship and an expression of their personalities without getting too obsessed with everything being perfect. They got dressed at their new home, and I love how the preparation photos are set against the chaos of their move. Devereaux confided that they hadn't yet found time to get Justin a ring, so she made him one out of a little twisty tie. C) Awesome freaking party. I won't lie, I might have had to shake it a few times while taking pictures (shake-shake click... shake-shake click). Zach was along for the ride which is always a treat for me, and his pictures are fantastic! Scroll down to the end of the post to view some of his awesome shots. Congratulations to Devereaux and Justin!

The Following Photos By Zachary Hunt Photography