Sheila and Angus

Mercury Hall seems to be the place for LMP clients to get married in 2010. Sheila and Angus had a lovely wedding there earlier in the year. Their wedding was classic, elegant, and simple. Sheila carried a bouquet of red roses, she wore red shoes, had red rose cake toppers, and brides maids dressed in red satin dresses. During the ceremony guests lit motive candles to symbolize the communal love and support that surrounds Sheila and Angus (I think the candles look pretty classy in the pictures too), a good time was had by all at the reception, and guests tossed dried lavender at the couple as they exited the venue. I am especially proud of Zach's pics (per usual scroll down to the end of the post to see them), and I think that his images show that he is continuing to develop his own unique style. This is truly a treasure of a wedding, and Zach and I would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Sheila and Angus!

The following by Zachary Hunt Photography