Abby and Steven's Creative Capital Engagment Shoot

So Steven used to be a tour guide at the Texas State Capital. Abby and Steven had their first date at the Texas State Capital. Steven freaking proposed to Abby at the Texas State Capital, and so what was there for us to do but have their engagement shoot at the Texas State Capital? Now many of you may or may not realize that the Texas State Capital is like THE place to have pictures of yourself taken in Austin, however, I had not reckoned on Steven and his insane knowledge of this building and its history. In true historical architecture nerd fashion he knew every nook cranny and crevice of that place. I would venture to say that we had a good and proper engagement shoot adventure, and that these are not your typical Texas State Capital engagement shoot pictures. Abby and Steven are so so so much fun to work with, their wedding next fall is going to be SO awesome! Zach and I are seriously excited! Congratulations to Abby and Steven!