Jeany & Mose

Okay, so I'm going to try really hard not to make this like the sappiest blog post about a wedding that a photographer has ever written ever.... Okay, here goes: so Jeany and Mose got married and the whole thing was magic from beginning to end because Jeany and Mose are totally magic. First off Jeany is full of good ideas. This post starts off with a pre-wedding portrait session that we did a few days prior to their wedding day, and the awesome mural, the overpass, and the barber shop were all her ideas. She was also the one who had the guts to go into the barber shop and ask if we could take a few pictures, which was genius because who could say no to her (?).... when she's wearing that dress(?)..... because she is totally gorgeous(!). Second off, dudes... scroll down, look at the way he looks at her. There is this one shot at the end where they are surrounded by all of their friends and he's just spun her around and kissed her and.... God, just look at the way he looks at her.... it kind of makes me tear up a little.... I'm just saying. Third off their wedding was full of home grown flavor. Jeany carried a vegetable garden bouquet, her friend since junior high school Madeline was the officiant, the wedding party donned fake mustaches in the middle of the formals, and T Bird and the Breaks (Mose's friends from Massachusetts and the most awesome band to have play at your wedding imaginable) fueled the dance floor. It was a pretty serious party. Just when it seemed like everything was winding down, Mose's brother and best man Tom delivered a surprise rap performance along with some of his buddies, and it was freaking amazing, and this is when all of the wedding guests formed a circle and started chanting 'Mose and Jeany Get Down,' over and over and over.... and Mose and Jeany got down.... and it was wonderful.

Congratulations to Jeany and Mose!