Blinded By The Light, or Bonnie and Josh's Most Amazing Engagement Shoot

Readers please note: my most awesome and beloved proof reader has gone to Scotland ahead of me and I have a really big spelling handicap. Please proceed with compassion.

As a photographer, sometimes I stumble upon a kind of light that is irresistible, it's like finding a really awesome playmate when I was like 8 after being dragged along to what I thought was going to be an adults only gathering. Essentially, it is an unexpected gift (see above... and below). Bonnie and Josh's engagement shoot started with this super fabulous light and as we progressed through the shoot I came to realize that Bonnie and Josh were a super fabulous couple. I mean... they jumped through a sprinkler, they got soaking wet, and they look really really happy after doing it. After this awesome shoot I went home to my most awesome and beloved proof reader and told him that I loved the world and my place in it. Thanks to Bonnie and Josh for making this shoot so amazing, and congratulations!