Rowena and Scott, Sie Ist Sehr Schön, Er Ist Sehr Männlich

Guess who took four semesters of German during their undergrad and only remembers how to say 'she is very beautiful' and 'he is very manly'.... me. I can also say 'whip the whipped cream', and a few other dirty things but we won't go there. Oh, and, guess who is moving to Germany where they can employ all of this awesome German knowledge that I just dropped on them? Rowena and Scott! So, in honor of their wanderlust they decided to have a wee photo shoot. I brought them a big inflatable globe because I am going through a crazy props phase right now (more coming, so stay tuned). We went to Shoal Creek and had some fun. Isn't Rowena the most beautiful? I think so too, and I love how her face changes so much from picture to picture. Isn't Scott the most adorable holding those flowers? Yeah he is! This shoot was so much fun because they are just so freaking cute together. Glückwünsche Rowena und Scott!