Marisa & Paul

If you look closely Marisa & Paul's wedding it will break your heart just a little with its sweetness. I love the tenderness with which Marisa's mother helped her to get ready, I was totally moved when Marisa started crying as she walked down the aisle, and this utterly romantic moment pictured above was taken during the ceremony. There was swing dancing, toasts filled with sincerity, and seriously adorable kids doing seriously adorable kid things. I loved Marisa as well, she was completely down to earth, smart, funny, and just lovely in her dress and sneaker dress shoes. Paul and his family impressed me as soon as the light saber was whipped out during the getting ready process, and I rather liked Pauls brother as well who was totally nurturing throughout the day, helping the boys get ready, comforting Paul before the ceremony, giving a warm and hilarious speech. Congratulations to Marisa and Paul!