Kristen & Akshay

As soon as I met Kristen & Akshay I knew that their wedding was going to be really special. Our consultation was planned for a coffee shop near UT, and upon finding it closed for winter break, we walked over to campus and chatted about their wedding while all sitting cross legged on a giant stone wall. It was then that I learned that Kristen was expecting, and I got really really excited at the idea of my first visibly pregnant bride! Allow me to take a moment here to swoon over how gorgeous and glowing Kristen looked on her wedding day....[swooning]..... Thank you. Everything about Kristen and Akshay's wedding day was simple, genuine, and lovely. Akshay wrote his vows, and Kristen sang 'You Are The Best Thing' accompanied by her bride's maids for her vows (Kristen rehearsed her vows extensively while getting ready for her wedding, and these are among my favorite preparation pictures ever). Their ceremony was held with all of their guests gathered in a circle around them, and guests were invited to give a short toast after dinner (nearly everyone did). I love the camp fire, the small Texas ranch where they were married, and the joy, love, and warmth that was such a part of this day. Par usual, my beloved second shooter Zach Hunt did a fabulous job, so be sure to check out his amazing pictures at the bottom of the post. Congratulations to Kristen & Akshay!

Below Photos By Zach Hunt