Sara & Phillip's Texas Summer Camp Wedding

I have way too much to say about my expansive and all encompassing love for Sara & Phillip's wedding. Zach and I talked it over afterwords, and we basically decided that our experience photographing their wedding could be summed up by saying that just when we thought that it couldn't get any better... it did, and that this happened over and over again. First, I loved the community spirit behind their wedding. Sara & Phillip chose the Rocky River Ranch, a girls summer camp to host what seemed like ALL of their family and friends for their family reunion wedding. They had a weekend's worth of fun activities for everyone from swimming, to movies at an outdoor theatre, to late night camp fires. Sara & Phillip's wedding day started with a ropes course, and I mean let me pause here to exclaim over how cool it is to start your marriage with a ropes course! Ropes courses are all about challenging your self and building trust, partnership, community, and also happen to be a whole truck load of fun. All qualities that are necessary ingredients for a marriage, I think. Secondly, let me also take a moment to sigh a few sighs of admiration for Sara. Sara is my kind of girl: while we were driving over in the golf cart to go get her hair done we talked about our mutual ignorance when it comes to all things makeup and getting yourself gussied up related, and I think it is safe to say that like me she is a bit of a tomboy. However, you know that whole cinderella archetype we ladies carry around in our heads about how while most of the time we're okay looking but if we just put on the right dress and do our hair the right way etc, suddenly we will transform into stunning butterflies of luminance? Well Sara's pretty good looking even in her ropes course outfit. Half way through getting her hair done she asked me to go back to the camp so I could get more pictures of her nearest and dearest having a blast in the pool, and when I met back up with her in the bunk house for the rest of the getting ready process my jaw quite literally dropped... she was a stunning butterfly of luminance! She looked like a movie star, she looked like someone's dream come true, and with that dress, those cowboy boots, and her turquoise and amber jewelry she looked totally efffing rad! We then walked over to the ceremony, which was held on the summer camp's basket ball court. Sara walked down the aisle to her guests singing 'Chapel of Love'. The ceremony was sweet and simple with everyone seated in circular rows around the happy couple. There were tons of stunning locations for our bride and groom portrait shoot (I mean a firefly garden!!!???), there were touching and hilarious speeches, Salt Lick bbq, and a promenade around the dance hall which led into Sara & Phillip's first dance. I know that I always say that Zach's photos are good (because they always are!) but this time he went above and beyond. Be sure to check out a sneak peak of his photos at the end of the end of this post, and then head over to his new blog to see the rest! We both wanna thank Sara & Phillip again for having such a wonderful gift of a wedding, and wish them joy in all of the many years to come! Congratulations to Sara & Phillip!

Here is a sneak peak of Zach's AWESOME pictures. Check out the rest on his new blog.