Chris & Priscilla's Wonderful Engagement

So I think I might almost be more excited about Chris and Priscilla's wedding that I was about my own wedding. Almost. Chris and Priscilla are just so freaking cute together, they are wonderful to work with, and they seem so right on with what they want there wedding to be about. Also, it was Priscilla who introduced me to A Practical Wedding, which along with Offbeat Bride are my most favoritest of wedding blogs ever. APW encourages women to plan weddings that are empowering and true to themselves, and Meg takes things a step further by boldly yet compassionately taking on weightier issues like money, tradition, family, marriage, and then facilitates mindbogglingly thorough discussions on these topics. I am embarrassed to admit how many times I have approached my husband and said something like: 'So I was reading on A Practical Wedding about [insert weighty marriage issue here] and I think maybe we should [usually something that Meg says often elaborated with seriously intelligent insights from the hundred or so comments by the ladies that frequent her site]. I'm not going to say that APW has changed my life (because that would just be cheesy), but it has so often given me solace, made me feel like I have a community (even if I don't participate that much because I am after all a vendor and that would maybe be a little awkward), and it has ALWAYS given me something to think about. So maybe you could say that it is actually Priscilla who has changed my life, and that is part of why I am so excited about her wedding. Congratulations to Priscilla & Chris! Thanks for showing me whats up, and if I haven't mentioned Zach and I can't wait! Less than two weeks!