Frankie & Ronnie & My First Scottish Wedding

So ah, is it weird for your heart to do a flip when you see pictures of your in-laws kissing? If so then I am weird because the above photo gets me every time, and it is of my sister-in-law Frankie and her brand new husband Ronnie. I'm not trying to sound all 'oh I'm such a great photographer look at this picture' because though I am quite pleased with the lighting, it's not really about that. I think it's his hand placed ever so tenderly on her face that gets me, or maybe it's because she looks like she's straight out of a Jane Austin novel (oh Jane Austen, how I adore thee, as does Frankie, as does her Mum), or maybe it is actually because they are now apart of my brand new family and this picture makes me feel really happy about that. Whatever the reason I was thrilled to be photographing their wedding, and it was a wonderful time. They were married in Govan Old Parish Church, Frankie's Mum (a seriously awesome and inspiring woman) was the presiding minister, Ronnie's mum did a reading during the ceremony in Gaelic, their reception was held at the hall in the Pearce Institute. I have included a family formal picture kindly taken by exceptionally talented Elena, because it is after all my brand new family and for those who are curious about what I look like, that's pretty much it. I always tell people that I am the worst at having my photo taken, and I think this proves it definitively. In any case this was such a lovely and fun wedding, and I hope you will enjoy the pictures. Congratulations and much love to Frankie & Ronnie!

Yep the above red head is me, closing my eyes and looking awkward during the formals, even though I of all people should know better. The handsome gentleman with his hand on my shoulder is my husband Aidan.