Jessica & Shawn's Moulin Rouge Themed Wedding

I was super excited about Jessica and Shawn's wedding as soon as Jessica mentioned that she found me through Offbeat Bride. I got even more excited when she mentioned something about a red dress, an absinthe bar, and groom/groomsmen outfits that replicate Mr. Monopoly. However none of this quite prepared me for the absolute blast that their wedding turned out to be. Jessica had not one but two fabulous wedding dresses, each of which made her look positively ravishing! Shawn made me (and I'm pretty sure every other guest there) totally lose it when he was saying his vows, there was a really really cute flower fairy, and the reception was dynamite. What makes a reception dynamite you ask? I'll tell you: you know that a reception is dynamite when the best man and maid of honor exchange outfits, when the groom removes the bride's garter with his teeth, and when everyone is hugging around the absinthe bar. I'm just saying. My favorite pictures are of Jessica positively glowing while she getting ready, of Jessica wiping the tears from Shawn's cheeks just after the ceremony, and of Shawn's best man in his maid of honor outfit. Zach got some seriously lovely images as well, be sure to check them out at the end of the post and head over to his blog to see the rest. Congratulations to Jessica and Shawn!

The following photos by Zachary Hunt Photography.