Carmen & Gary's Pool Party Wedding of Awesome

Look above and you will see a picture of Carmen and Gary's first dance, which was preformed to a Bill Callahan song in as you can see: a swimming pool. Every time I look through these wedding pictures my heart leaps a little. It's not just that having a pool party wedding in Austin, TX in May is a really good, awesome, and some might say courageous idea. I mean there is a total disregard for things like hair and makeup and those undergarments women squeeze themselves into to make themselves look like their body is one ridiculously smooth line. Look at them though, scroll down and look at the rest of their first dance pictures... they are having a freaking blast and their joy in each other outshines even their good looks. They absolutely light each other up! However, let us take a moment to admire Carmen and Gary's good looks. At the top of this blog and detailed extensively throughout the rest of this post you can see Carmen looking seriously foxy in her really amazing and perfectly suited her whole personality/being dress, and Gary looking rather the dashing counterpart in his grey linen suit, no? But wait! I mustn't forget the totally rad bridesmaid's dresses, the uniquely arranged flowers, and the seriously bad-ass dj who spun nothing but soul 45's all wedding long. Ahhhh! Not to mention the unusually rainy Texas Spring provided us with a perfect field of purple flowers for a wee portrait session during part of golden hour (they spent the rest of golden hour in the pool as you will see). Then there are the important things, like the hilarious and affectionate sisterhood vibe that radiated from Carmen and her lady friends while she prepared for the wedding, the really touching and emotional ceremony, and did I mention the fun? There was so much fun! I could go on and on about it, but I'll try to wind it down here so you can look at the pictures. I've included a few pictures from Carmen & Gary's pre-wedding shoot so you can have a wee tast of their personalties to prepare you for the awesomeness that was their wedding. Congratulations to Carmen & Gary!