Skye & Andy's Adorable Botanical Garden Wedding

Everything about Skye and Andy's wedding at Zilker Botanical Gardens was simply adorable. I LOVE the Botanical Gardens! They are so expansive, lovely, and well... adorable. One of my favorite slightly dorky pictures from this wedding is of Andy nervously checking his watch before the ceremony whith little dinosaur tracks walking towards him in the background. Thats because the Botanical Gardens has a dinosaur garden, which is pretty freaking adorable, right? And then there is the matter of Andy's way-too-adorable nice and nephew walking down the aisle blowing bubbles in lieu of a more traditional flower girl and ring bearer. Andy himself was especially adorable during the ceremony. I think he maybe got a few sentences of his vows out before he totally lost it, gave up, and just started hugging Skye. I may have shed a few wee tears at this point. Maybe. Skye was positively adorable... wait I'm not sure if that adjective works, okay deviating from my theme... Skye was positively BANGIN' in her 1940's vintage style dress, with her peacock feather hair ornament, and tasteful jewelry accents. I think I started freaking out a little with excitement as soon as I saw her. Okay back to adorable: bubbles during the dancing, speeches from the heart, little cupcakes with blue frosting, and check out that vintage get away car. Adorable! And amazing, and awesome! Congratulations to Skye & Andy!