Holga + Wedding = Love (Wherein I Get a Little Geeky)

First things first: While I usually lead a post with a picture of the happy couple somehow the shots that I grabbed with my holga from Carrie & Jonathan's wedding wound up being a lot about Carrie. She is so beautiful, and these first two pictures especially make me smile every time I see them. There is something just so thrilling about film to me. Film plays a little hard to get, and the wait makes the reward that much better. This year I've been experimenting with taking film cameras with me to weddings, and I've discovered that the images that I'm the most drawn to actually come from the cheapest camera I've got: my holga. I adore the richness of medium format film, and I love shooting in Squares. My other medium format camera is a Mamiya, but it shoots 4x5 format which sometimes feels a little lame when compared with the boldness of squares. I love the dreamy quality that the holga produces. It's nice too that it's so lite weight. I usually carry two pretty heavy digital cameras and it works well that I can hang my holga around my neck and pretty much forget about it until the right moment comes up. All of which is to say that you can expect to see a lot more of these kinds of pictures, as well as some experimentation with other formats and films from me in the coming months. I am excited.