A Color Slide Sunset

Here are some pictures that I took all the way back in December while I was waiting for my UK settlement visa. Like many bureaucratic endeavors my visa wound  up taking a lot longer than I had anticipated, and so I spent a rather stressful month couch surfing my way across North Carolina. I started with a week at my grandfather's house by the beach. I love how the shoreline reflects the sunset when the waves recede, and how the beach makes it impossible not to loose myself in admiring simple yet important things like color, texture, line, shape, and light. This at least was how I tried to distract myself from the visa stress, and the being away from Aidan stress, and the leaving behind everything and everyone in Austin stress. And it worked, sort of, for a little while. There may have been a morning or two of me crying dramatically into my coffee, but by evening time here I was again, camera in hand.