Shiloh & Christian

I loved Shiloh and Christian's wedding with my whole heart. I wish I could put my finger on exactly what made it so special, so that I could tell you the perfect recipe for a beautiful, magical, wonderful wedding, but I can't. However, I'll go ahead tell you a few things about it anyways. First off Shiloh is an avid reader of A Practical Wedding, which never hurt anyone. Secondly, so many of Shiloh and Christian's family and friends came out to Cumbria for the weekend, and camped, and joined together to make the day especially festive with things like flowers from Christian's mother's garden, and incredible food cooked by Shiloh's super talented brother. There were friends & family setting up the hall in the morning, friends & family doing dishes after the supper, and all the while people were having a great time. There was a lovely mile-long stroll through the countryside from the house to the reception hall and back again. It was positively romantic. Also I could seriously take pictures of Shiloh's blue eyes all day, actually I could take pictures of her and Christian together all day because they are so obviously and beautifully in love with each other. Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming and so awesome, and above all else: Congratulations to Christian & Shiloh!